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"Into the Labyrinth & Mind of Guillermo Del Toro," is a tribute art show to Del Toro's three original films (CRONOS, THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE, PAN'S LABYRINTH). 10 artists from Latin America and other guests illustrate their own takes on all three movies. This show is a love letter to Del Toro and his unique vision in cinema. The show also celebrates the director's return to theaters with Pacific Rim coming out next week! I hope you'll enjoy this tribute as much as I did organizing & curating it. 

The show will be held at HYAENA GALLERY (http://hyaenagallery.com/). It will be on exhibit from July 1st to July 31st. The opening reception will be this Saturday, July 6th (8pm - Midnight).

All the art from the show can be bought online as well here: http://hyaenagallery.com/guillermodeltoro_tribute.html


My name is Chogrin. I'm an illustrator / designer from Guayaquil, Ecuador. You may know me for my artwork (chogrin.tumblr.com) or for some of the other art shows I've organized & curated (The 3G Show, Shell Shock, Dino-Dna).

This blog / art show is a love letter to Guillermo Del Toro for all the inspiration he's brought to my life as an artist over the last decade.

So, why a tribute to Guillermo del Toro? From DVD commentaries, interviews, and art books, there's a passion and profound effort that can be felt and seen in all of Guillermo's films. As an artist, that speaks volumes to me, and inspires me to give it my all in any project I do.

Back in the summer of 2002, I watched Blade 2 in theaters. I loved the first Blade, but loved the second one even more. It was through the special features of my Blade 2 dvd that I learned about Guillermo.

Ever since then, I've been hooked on Guillermo's work ethic and vision.

In 2009, I moved to Burbank, California and found it a lot easier to meet and chat with one of my Gurus. 

(Guillermo holding a Hellboy tribute I did, at book signing at Dark Delicacies)

In 2010, with the release of Cronos on Criterion, I did this illustration (below) in tribute to what many consider "Guillermo's trilogy" (Cronos, Devil's Backbone, Pan's Labyrinth). It was through this tribute that the idea to do an art show was born.

I've always said that Guillermo's films are like eating a heavily layered chocolate cake. Each layer is different & rich. Each time I watch Cronos or any his films I find something new.

In 2011, I curated an art show in Mexico City titled, "The Iconoclastic Dead," in which Illustrators were to depict someone they admired (dead or alive) in the "Dia de Muertos" style. I did this portrait of Guillermo (below). This piece of art pushed me to a new level as an illustrator.

Now 2013, with Pacific Rim coming out I decided it would be the best time to do the Guillermo art show I had in mind for the past two years.

(My three pieces in the sketch phase)

(My completed finished pieces for Cronos, The Devil's Backbone, and Pan's Labyrinth)

If you got this far, thank-you for reading my little rant / appreciation for Guillermo. We need more directors like him to make movies. Rich movies with lots of layers! Films that make you think, ask questions, or lead you to other artists and influences.

All in all Guillermo has inspired me to be a better artist, and hope to have the pleasure of working with him someday.


P.S. A special thank-you to Gary Deocampo (www.deltorofilms.com), Rick Blanco / Dienzo (www.dienzoart.com), Bill Shafer (www.hyaenagallery.com), Jorge Gutierrez (www.super-macho.com), and all the participating artists for their support and help in making this show a reality. Cheers!

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